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The Story
The story of The Last Unicorn begins in a forest.  The Unicorn (who is never given a name) leaves her enchanted forest where she has lived her entire life when she hears that she is the last of the unicorns.  A playful butterfly tells her that long ago the Red Bull drove all the unicorns into the sea, and that she could find them if she was brave.  She sets out from her forest to discover wher the other unicorns have gone.  Not long after leaving her forest she is captured by a witch, Mommy Fortuna, while she is asleep.  It is here that she meets Schmendrick for the first time.  Schmendrick is an incompetent wizard and a second rate pickpocket, but he recognizes the Unicorn for what she truly is.  With Schmendrick's help the Unicorn makes her escape and continues her quest, now with the aid of Schmendrick.  Using Schmendrick's information regarding the Red Bull, they continue to journey towards the sea and King Haggard's realm.  While passing through the woods in King Haggard's country, the Unicorn and Schmendrick are set upon my bandits.  It is here that they meet Molly Grue.  After making their escape Molly Grue comes with them on their quest because Schmendrick was going the wrong way.  Sleeping within sight of the castle of King Haggard the Unicorn is set upon by the Red Bull.  In order to save her Schmendrick uses his magic to change her into something other than a unicorn.  Since Schmendrick does not have complete control over his magic he can not choose her new shape and she becomes a human.  The
Unicorn is revolted at having been transformed into a mortal shape, but Schmendrick explains it is the
only way they can gain entrance to the castle. He gives her the name Lady Amalthea and the three of
them reach the castle. King Haggard recognizes her for what she truly is, but allows them to stay so that he may look at them a while. The king's adopted son, Prince Lir, falls in love with Amalthea and devotes himself entirely to trying to win her love.  The story continues with Schmendrick and Molly Grue trying to find the lost unicorns before Lady Amalthea loses her memory as a unicorn and becomes a mortal forever.  The only way to find out what happens is to...
Read the Book!!
Well with that cleared up I would like to present you with a little something that I have been working on.  It's The Last Unicorn Desktop theme.  As far as I know its the only one out there so enjoy.
The Last Unicorn Theme